TERMS AND CONDITIONS This agreement is a maintenance agreement, not an insurance policy, extended warranty or service contract. This agreement is between the Seller and the Purchaser and provides for certain inspections and maintenance services for your heating, cooling and plumbing equipment as indicated in your agreement and will auto-renew for 364 day periods upon completion of the initial term. I. The maintenance agreement provides for specified maintenance and inspections for the heating, cooling and plumbing equipment listed on the sign up portion of the Lindstrom website. II. We will provide the following benefits to you during the term of this agreement with respect to the selected equipment: A) We will perform semi- annual maintenance and inspections on the air conditioning and heating equipment selected during your online enrollment for each 12-month period during the term. B) We will perform one annual whole house plumbing inspection if selected during your online enrollment for each 12 month period during the term. C) Maintenance and inspections include services listed under maintenance checklist section. D) Listed equipment must be accessible. E) Maintenance and inspections will be scheduled and performed Monday through Saturday. F) For all other services needed, we will provide you with priority service in scheduling your appointment over non-agreement customers. Emergency service will be made available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no overtime charges. G) Repairs to the listed heating, air conditioning and plumbing equipment during the term of this agreement will receive a 15% discount off our flat-rate pricing or 15% discount of our time and material rates whichever is applicable. H) Lifetime repair warranty covers parts and labor on air conditioning and heating repairs made by Lindstrom Air and remains valid as long as this agreement is in effect. Lifetime warranty excludes plumbing. If this agreement is not renewed, or is canceled, repairs remain covered by our standard 1 year parts and labor warranty effective from the date repairs were made. H) Special consideration is given to water-related repairs. Lindstrom guarantees all workmanship with relationship to water-related repairs (including, but not limited to, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and condensate lines) for 90 days from the date of service and is excluded from our lifetime service warranty. III. Your maintenance agreement will automatically renew or be transferred as follows: A) Your maintenance agreement will automatically renew on the renewal date of your online submission form (364 days from effective date). You will receive notification 30-60 days prior to renewal and automatic billing. B) If you sell your home you may transfer this agreement to the new homeowners. This agreement may be transferred by us at any time. C) Service will not be provided on any past-due account and this agreement can be canceled by us for fraud, material misrepresentation, your failure to make payments required under this agreement when due or your failure to make payments for any services or goods rendered or provided by us to you, whether in connection with this agreement or otherwise. IV. This agreement can be canceled as follows: A) Within the first three days following the effective date (see instructions below). B) Beyond the first three days, Lindstrom Air will refund the unused portion of the cost of membership within 21 business days. Refunds are calculated pro rata based on the unused potion less any service discounts received during the term this agreement. THREE DAY AGREEMENT CANCELLATION INSTRUCTIONS YOU HAVE 3 DAYS FROM THE AGREEMENT EFFECTIVE DATE OF YOUR ONLINE SUBMISSION TO CANCEL THIS AGREEMENT. IF YOU CANCEL THIS AGREEMENT, YOU WILL BE REFUNDED WITHIN 21 BUSINESS DAYS FOLLOWING RECEIPT BY THE SELLER OF YOUR CANCELLATION NOTICE, AND ANY SECURITY INTEREST ARISING OUT OF THIS TRANSACTION WILL BE CANCELED. IF YOU CANCEL THIS AGREEMENT, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY SELLER FOR ANY GOODS, SERVICES AND DISCOUNTS RECEIVED UNDER THIS AGREEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT PAY FOR THE GOODS, SERVICES AND DISCOUNTS RECEIVED UNDER THIS AGREEMENT WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS OF THE DATE OF YOUR NOTICE OF CANCELLATION, THE AGREEMENT WILL REMAIN IN EFFECT AND YOU WILL REMAIN LIABLE FOR PERFORMANCE OF ALL OBLIGATIONS UNDER THIS AGREEMENT. TO CANCEL THIS TRANSACTION, DELIVER A SIGNED AND DATED COPY OF THIS CANCELLATION NOTICE (OR OTHER WRITTEN NOTICE), OR MAIL (POSTMARKED WITHIN 72 HOURS), TO: LINDSTROM AIR CONDITIONING AND PLUMBING, INC. 3581 W. McNAB ROAD, POMPANO BEACH, FL 33069.